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Advance Racing Lines: Squaring Off and Late Apexes

Late Apex Racing Line

In the Racing Line Basics article we covered what a racing line is exactly and why we try to adopt it. However, there is another line we can take around a corner that can not only be faster, but also regarded as safer. This line is known as the squaring off, or late apex line. […]

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What is the Racing Line?: How the Racing Line Helps Us Go Faster

Basic Racing Line

If you are fairly new to bike track days you might not have any knowledge of what the racing line is. You may have even been taking part in track days for a while, but there’s a chance you might not be familiar with exactly what it is and how it helps us. In this […]

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Benefits of Motorcycle Braided Brake Lines: Ideal for Track Day Bikes

If you’re looking to make improvements to your standard brake system, then braided brake lines should be one of your first ports of call when looking at brake system upgrades. In fact they should be one of the first aftermarket bike accessories you consider bolting onto you bike. Braided lines consist of an inner hose […]

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Motorcycle Rearsets: The Benefits for the Track and Setting them Up

When pressed for an answer as to why we use rearsets, a lot of people may state they’re merely for bling factor and not much else. This couldn’t be further from the truth and there are some very compelling reasons why you should think about investing in a set of these shiny bike accessories for […]

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The Man Behind Life at Lean


I’m Dan Netting. A 31 year old guy from Essex, UK. Biker. Track Nut. Latte Aficionado… If you don’t find a milky coffee in my right hand, it’s probably because it has a throttle in it. After getting my motorcycle licence in early 2009 I found myself on the track shortly after. Following a couple of embarrassing tumbles […]

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Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Life at Lean Terms of Service IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THESE TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY Overview The use of all Life at Lean services and its website services and its website is subject to the Terms of Service (TOS) published at: By accessing and using this website you agree to be bound by these terms and […]

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Part Worn Tyres: Scrub Motorcycle Tyres for Track Days

Buying part worn motorcycle tyres is the most cost effective way of getting sticky rubber on your machine, which will give you plenty of time out on track for significantly less money than buying brand new track day tyres. It’s not just as easy as buying any old pair of part worn tyres though, it’s […]

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Are Crash Bungs Worth it? Pros & Cons of Crash Bungs and Which to Buy

Crash bungs are specially designed stoppers that bolt onto the outside of your bike. The idea for them is to protect the bikes body work and engine in the event your bike ends up going down the road on its side, as such they could be considered one of the more important bike accessories. They stick […]

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Strength Training for Motorcycle Riding & Track Days

Here is a list of strength training exercises you can do to help you improve and condition your muscles and in turn help cope with the stresses and strains you put your body under on a track day. As said in the fitness article, you only need to be doing 2-3 days a week at […]

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Motorcycle Fitness: Get More From Your Riding and Track Days

I’m sure most of us have felt it at some point or another, you get about two thirds of the way through your session – generally toward the end of the day – and you’re struggling to keep the pace up as you’re feeling so physically knackered. You have to pull in because you’re missing […]

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