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The Track Academy is not just another learning resource where a bunch of lessons are thrown at you and then we just hope you figure it all out. A key part of the Academy is not only teaching fundamental riding skills, but giving riders direction to put those skills into action while offering full support along the way.

Greg McKenna


Dan is able to translate techniques into simple actions, he understands the frustrations and plateaus we all go through trying to be better riders.

We talked about how to measure progress and how to continue to work toward improving. By mid day of the following track day, I had dropped 10 seconds off my lap times. It was incredible.

I appreciate all he's done to help me become a better rider and recommend him to anyone who wants to be a better, faster rider.

The Current Training Library

The Road to High-Level Riding is your map, and the training library is what's going to give you the knowledge and understanding that will allow you to hit the necessary Milestones to keep progressing as a rider. New training courses are being added over time, but here's how it looks right now...


(5 Modules & 20 Video Training Lessons)

In Bike Control Fundamentals we extensively cover every part of track riding in relation to changing the speed and direction of your bike.

Not only things like braking, steering, throttle control and gear shifting, but also the various ways in which we use them to create the best scenario for the bike and to create the ideal line for the corner in question.


(3 Modules & 11 Video Training Lessons)

All top level riders will have their vision in check, and in this course we dive into one of the KEY aspects to becoming a fast, calm and consistent rider. 

We cover what markers are and the best ones to use, and then we go over how to correctly use your eyes to join then all up through a given corner and over a whole lap through video demonstration and commentary that show you exactly how you can get your vision working for you.


(3 Modules & 11 Video Training Lessons)

Poor body position can hamper your progress by making you feel uncomfortable and preventing you from operating the bike how you should.

BPF provides you with the FULL process of body position and movement. Not just how to look good in photos, but how we actually correctly create that position and work our way into and out of it through the various corners you ride. By the end of this course you'll have a good understanding of exactly what we're looking to do, and when, over a whole lap.


(2 Modules & 9 Video Training Lessons)

Fears and barriers are things that every single rider will face to some degree. Whether that's fear of taking more speed into corners, leaning the bike, using the power, or even things like overtaking.

In this course we go over many of the most common barriers that riders face on their quest to improve, along with some steps and practical application you can carry out to tackle each of them.


(9 Video Training Lessons)

In this course we cover many of the ways in which you can become a better coach to yourself. In it we discuss things like how to better uncover your weaker areas, how to create plans for improvement, how to approach your day and things you can do after your day, among others.

Learning is just one part of all this. Next we have to get out and put it into practise, and together with the Road Map, this is exactly what this course will help you achieve.