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In this section you’ll find general track day advice and guides, from the different things that come from owning and maintaining a motorcycle ridden on the track, to advice on track day insurance and things like buying your first track bike. Here you’ll find a wide variety of articles and guides that cover a lot of the different areas of bike track days that that aren’t covered in the other sections.

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Learning to Trust Your Tyres Through Technique & Experience

The biggest fears in track riding that prevent riders from going faster almost always centre around the rider in question not having faith in the round sticky hoops fitted to their motorcycle. “How far can I lean the bike? How much brakes can I use? How much power is safe when exiting a corner?” These […]

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Using Other Riders to Gauge Your Speed and Uncover Weaknesses

One of the biggest roadblocks to making improvements and going faster on the track is knowing just where you need to focus your efforts to make progress. Basically, finding out where your weaknesses lie. When you’re riding around on your personal limit, you can often be left with a feeling of helplessness upon returning to […]

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How Early Lower Body Setup Simplifies Corner Entry

A common mistake you see among less experienced riders is the tendency to set their body position for the corner too late, sometimes to the point of moving around just as they begin steering, or sometimes even after that point. Here I just wanted to go over the benefits of getting set up earlier, along […]

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What Can We Learn from MotoGP Riders, and Should We Copy them?

They’re the best riders in the world, so surely we should be doing exactly what they’re doing, right? Not necessarily. In this article we’re going to go into what we can take away from the motorcycling elite to benefit us in our own riding, and why you shouldn’t really be looking to carbon copy exactly […]

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Panic and Nervousness in the Pits: How to Deal With it

What we do is dangerous. Plain and simple. We’re riding a machine at speeds that would land us in prison on the road, and where making a mistake could mean jumping off that bike and doing a whole heap of damage to one of your favourite possessions, as well as yourself, both of which could […]

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Bike Issue or Rider Issue? Get Greater Results by Focusing on the Right Tool

There are numerous things that go into making a rider fast. One huge part is, quite obviously, a well maintained and setup machine that’s capable of doing the job you’re asking it to do. However, if we’re honest with ourselves, and given the extraordinary level that performance machines sit at right off the shelf, you […]

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Why Riders Get Confused with Technique, and How to Reduce it

As new riders start out their life on the track with the intention of making improvements to their riding skill, they’ll come a point where the desire to improve sends them out to learn just what is correct about the sport and how they go about becoming faster and safer riders. This is great, because […]

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What Does it Mean to Be Smooth in Track Riding?

Following on from the last article I wrote which looked at the riding skill ‘order of importance’, I thought it would be good to expand on the last point I made in that piece about being smooth. I think a majority of riders will know they need to be smooth. It’s something you hear all […]

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Should We Copy Faster Track Riders & What Can We Learn From Them?

Speed is probably the most respected attribute out on track. What I mean is that if a rider can see someone else is faster than they are, the assumption is often made that the faster rider is a better rider and that they must know something they don’t. In fact, this trait is seen in […]

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Do it Right, then Add Speed: A Better Approach for Beginner Riders

An extremely common goal for riders looking to improve around the track is to ride faster than they did before. Among these riders there will be many (probably most) that will know that the road blocks to improving and riding faster are mental ones, meaning they don’t yet have the confidence to use more of […]

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