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If you’re a novice to motorcycle track days then you’ve probably got a lot of questions and in some cases worries about what the day will bring, what you need to do and in extreme cases whether or not you’ll make it out unscathed. The only thing I can say is don’t worry!

Below you’ll find plenty of information about what to expect from novice motorcycle track days and how to best prepare; by the end of your first day you’ll question what all the fuss was about and be on the phone or clicking that mouse to book the next one.

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Why You Should Ride the Track if You’re a Lady (or Anyone Else)

The following piece is a guest post written by MJ Ball, a RiderCoach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and a Motorcycle Specialist for the law firm of Hupy and Abraham S.C. In this article MJ will discuss the various steps to getting started on the track, and why getting involved with track riding as a new lady (or […]

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Track Day Flags: What They Are and What They Mean

chequered flag

You might think that the flag system used by the marshals around the circuit isn’t as important as some of the other things you need to concern yourself with while out on track, but I beg to differ. It is the job of the marshals to make sure that every rider is kept safe out […]

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Why You’re Never too Old for Track Days

Forget your age and get on track! If you are a slightly older lady or gentlemen (politically correct enough?), it wouldn’t be uncommon for you to think that you wouldn’t be welcome on bike track day with the notion that ‘you’re too old for all this malarkey’, but you couldn’t be more wrong. You’d be […]

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Track Day Leathers: The Current Rules and Best Leathers for Track Days

At the time of writing, in order to participate in a bike track day at any of the major UK race tracks you need to either wear a full one piece leather suit, or a two piece leather suit that has a 360 degree (more like 270 degree) zip that connects the jacket and trousers. […]

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Bike Track Day FAQs for Newcomers

If you’re fairly new to bike track days then you’re obviously going to have some questions in your mind that you would like answered. On this page I have attempted to answer some of the most common questions relating to bike track days, some of which my Track Day Guide wouldn’t have answered. If you […]

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What is the Racing Line?: How the Racing Line Helps Us Go Faster

Basic Racing Line

If you are fairly new to bike track days you might not have any knowledge of what the racing line is. You may have even been taking part in track days for a while, but there’s a chance you might not be familiar with exactly what it is and how it helps us. In this […]

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Bike Track Day Etiquette: Unwritten Track Day Rules

There’s more to track day riding than just going round and round in circles. As a newcomer to track days it’s worth taking notice of the unwritten rules of track day riding to make sure your fellow riders and you have a great day. Here’s a basic guide to track day etiquette which should keep […]

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Why You Should Do Bike Track Days

Other than the pure thrill and caveman (or cavewoman) like pleasure we get from track days, there are some other reasons why you should get involved. Here are some more reasons to convince you why you should get involved if you’re a novice to track days. Unleash the potential – The British roads are becoming […]

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Doing a Track Day on Your Road Bike

A lot of people opt for hiring a bike for their early track days as a kind of bike insurance on their own steed, but don’t be afraid to do a track day on your own bike. Many, many people do track days on road bikes all year long without any issues and if you […]

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Motorcycle Track Day Guide: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Here I’ve put together a track day guide that should give you a good idea of what to expect on your first day, how you can properly prepare, as well as provide a few little tips. Use this track day guide as a base to get the best from your day, as I’m sure when […]

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