Bike Track Day FAQs for Newcomers


If you’re fairly new to bike track days then you’re obviously going to have some questions in your mind that you would like answered. On this page I have attempted to answer some of the most common questions relating to bike track days, some of which my Track Day Guide wouldn’t have answered. If you have any more questions that aren’t on this page, use the link at the bottom of this page to take you to the contact form you can use to get in touch with me.


Is my bike good enough/allowed on the track?

If your bike is road legal and it complies with road standards, then there is no reason why it would not be welcome on the track. Even though sports bikes are the most popular bikes on track (as that’s what they’re made to do), pretty much any bike is welcome on the track.

The only type of bikes you will not see on the track are mini-motos, side-car bikes, quads, trikes and custom bikes on the rather low side.

Do I need special clothing for the track?

Yes. Here are the compulsory items that you must wear in order to be allowed to ride on a track day.

Leathers – For track day leathers, you must have either a full one piece leather suit or a two piece leather suit that has a 360 degree zip connecting the jacket to the trousers. If your zip doesn’t cover the full 360 degrees, some circuits specify a minimum length of hip to hip, but to be on the safe side you’d be better off with a 360 degree zip.

Crash Helmet – Helmets must comply with current ACU/FIM standards and must be fastened at all times.

Glove and Boots – These should be leather and worn at all times.

Also, while not a requirement, I always suggest that you invest in a back protector for added safety as this area is so important to protect.

Is there a particular track better for beginners?

While some tracks will be easier to ride by their nature, for a beginner this doesn’t really come into play as much as the speeds are somewhat slower. Any circuit welcomes newcomers to track days, and the organisers do their upmost to make every newcomer welcome and make sure they’re kept safe.

Do I have to book a track day in advance?

It has been known to have people turn up on the day and get a spot, but for the sake of a phone call or filling out an online form it’s best to book in advance to guarantee your spot.

Can I bring spectators?

Spectators are welcome at pretty much every UK track. Some tracks ask for a small fee, but for the majority of the tracks spectators are allowed to attend free of charge.

Can you have two riders using one bike?

As long as each rider has booked a separate place for an event, there is no reason why they can’t both share a bike for the day.

Do you need insurance?

It is not a necessity to participate in track days, but you can get dedicated track day insurance if you wish.

It is unlikely your insurance company would cover you if you had an accident on track so if you’re concerned, you could possibly ask them if they can cover your for the day. I would expect this to come at a cost.

What licence do I need?

You must hold a full, unrestricted, valid motorcycle driving licence issued by the DVLA. If you have a photo card licence you must provide that, otherwise you can use the old paper type if you do not own a photo card. If you are from outside the UK then the equivalent licence from the foreign licensing authority of your country of residence must be provided.

If you have an ACU licence this can also be used provided you are booked in the appropriate group.

What happens if a day is cancelled because of bad weather?

This is very rare and only generally happens in the winter months, but if it does happen then each track day organiser is different and they usually look to compensate you in some way if they deem it necessary.

What happens if I arrive late?

Speak to someone from the track day organising team and they will look to get you signed on and give you a personal briefing before going out on track. You will also have to complete a noise test if the circuit requires one. You should note that you will not be given the time back on track that you have missed as a result of being late.

Can we use the circuit garages?

The majority of circuits allow you to use the site facilities during your track day, so the garages and the power terminals in them are free to use throughout the day.

What if I’m in the wrong group?

Simply ask the track day organiser if you can move groups. It is in their interest that they keep the safety levels as high as possible and if you feel unsafe in your current group, they will look to help you out.

Any more questions?

If you have a question that is still unanswered, get in touch using the contact form. I will do my best to answer any questions you have.