Motorcycle Track Day Insurance: Do You Need it?

There are many many riders that go through many many track days without incident, but it doesn’t mean to say there aren’t any risks involved in bike track days, and if you’re taking your pristine bike out on to the track you have every reason to consider motorcycle track day insurance.

I know firsthand what can happen while out on track (see my About Me page) and I know what it feels like to see a once gleaming bike left looking like it’s gone toe to toe with Mike Tyson. As it happens, I had plans to turn it into a track bike anyway so the cost of repair wasn’t quite as large, but if you use your bike on the road and wish to keep it that way then bike track day insurance wouldn’t be a terrible thing to opt for.

However I’m not trying to scare anyone and like I said, hundreds of riders do multiple track days without any problems and if you take your time with it and don’t try and be too clever you’ll get through it without any problems too.

Another reason to consider insurance is not just for your bike, but for you. If being injured and laid up would affect your job or prevent you from working altogether, then some form of insurance against that would be a wise choice. Yes the track day insurance cost is an initial expense, but you have to ask yourself what situation would it leave you in if you ended up injured, and if the answer is it would leave you in a significantly bad situation then motorcycle track day insurance is well worth consideration.

The Options

There aren’t many companies that still offer track day insurance cover as a lot felt it wasn’t worth the hassle, but thankfully some companies still want to help out their customers and so still offer different sorts of cover. Below are the companies that still offer some form of track day cover.

MCE Insurance – MCE have been listening to their customers who felt there should be a track day policy that can be applied for that is separate from their main motorcycle policy. Riders wanted an ad hoc policy for specific events so that is what MCE have put in place. For more information about the costs and what the policy covers, follow the link below and apply for a quote.

MCE Insurance for track days

Four Counties – The cover that you can get from Four Counties is quite extensive. You can get single day cover or multi day cover, as well as the option for cover for things like medical expenses, personal injury and the equipment you use such as helmets, leathers etc. There’s also Europe and worldwide cover if you are planning an international event. Follow the link below for more details.

Four Counties track day insurance – Like Four Counties, offer different types of cover, the main and most obvious being damage to your motorcycle, but there are also cover extension options for personal injury as well as vehicle recovery. For more information or to get a quote, follow the link below. motorcycle track day insurance