Benefits of Stompgrip Tank Pads


For a large majority of us that ride on the track, we are looking to get any little gain we can in our attempts to go faster.

Whether that be a little more straight line speed with engine or gearing changes, getting more comfortable on the bike with rearsets, or taming some unwanted front end shake with a steering damper, it is through additions like this that we can ultimately do a better job of getting this crotch rocket quickly around the curvy tarmac.

An area where we expel an awful lot of energy is in the braking zone, so anything that we can use to make the job of getting the bike stopped easier would be gladly welcomed by most.

Enter, Stompgrip traction pads.

What are Stompgrip Tank Pads?

In very basic terms, Stompgrip pads are rubbery pads that stick onto either side of your tank where the inside of your legs meet the outside of the tank.

On the surface of the pads are a large number of pimples that are designed to dig into your leathers during riding.

Given this fact, you’re probably getting an idea of what they’re used for, but anyway, let’s go over some of the benefits that can come from using these traction pads.

The Benefits of Stompgrip

Braking – From a track perspective, by far the biggest benefit will come in the braking zone as I alluded to earlier.

Personally I, like many others, prefer to sit a little way off the tank during riding and grip it with my knees during braking to brace my lower body and stop it shifting forwards.

Without Stompgrips, while I could still stop myself sliding forward when gripping the tank, it required quite a lot more effort to do so. However, once I fitted the pads, the job was made massively easier because I didn’t need to squeeze anywhere near as hard to build up enough friction to stop myself sliding forward.

Hanging off – I am a big advocate of being locked in with the outside leg when hanging off of the bike. When I do this, it greatly frees up my arms to do their main job of operating the controls and steering the bike.

Having Stompgrip fitted gives me an extra level of ‘lockability’ and helps my knee and inner thigh become an even greater anchor point to support myself mid turn.

Manage Pillions Easier – I know this is a track day site, but there will be many of us that still ride on the roads.

I found that when carrying a pillion, the Stompgrip allowed me to better control the weight of the passenger when applying the brakes. I’m sure many men reading this would have experienced ‘the nut cracker’ when the extra weight takes you by surprise and has you sliding forward and jeopardising your valuables.

Traction pads largely remove this problem, as with a gentle squeeze of the tank with your knees you can easily stop that extra weight pushing you forward.

Tips for Fitting

  • Makes sure the tank is properly cleaned before fitting
  • Get out in the sun if you can
  • If it’s not a hot day, use a hairdryer to heat up the tank and the pads
  • Use a line on the bike (or mark one) to help line it up during fitting
  • To minimise bubbles, don’t peel the back right off. Instead, peel off from one end, stick it down and work the bubble out slowly as you go. Another pair of hands makes this part massively easier.
  • If you get the position completely wrong, heat it up with a hairdryer, peel it off, and start again.

While they can be a pain to get on, once you do get them on you will no doubt agree with me when I say that they make some of the most demanding work on a motorcycle so much easier.

I have ridden my bike on track with and without Stompgrips, and I can honestly say that I would never want to ride a bike in the same environment without them now. A must have for any track day rider, in my book.