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In this section you’ll find general track day advice and guides, from the different things that come from owning and maintaining a motorcycle ridden on the track, to advice on track day insurance and things like buying your first track bike. Here you’ll find a wide variety of articles and guides that cover a lot of the different areas of bike track days that that aren’t covered in the other sections.

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Teach Me Suspension (Part 6): Compression and Rebound Damping

In the last part we began the conversation on damping and what job it plays within the suspension. As a quick recap, damping is what changes (and tames) the manner in which the spring compresses and extends. In this part we are going to continue on the damping theme, but we’re going to expand a […]

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Assessing a Track and Finding the Speed

How to find the speed around a given circuit by focusing on the right areas It’s very common for riders to look in the wrong areas in their attempts to unlock speed (and time) around a given track. As I have commented on a few times before, from a riding perspective one area in particular […]

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Should You Upgrade Your Track Motorcycle in Your Search for Speed?

Take a walk down any track day paddock and you won’t be hard pressed to find a raft of well turned out bikes, dripping with the latest and greatest bolt on upgrades from the best names in the business. The ones that wouldn’t look out of place on a World Superbike grid. There’s no denying […]

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Teach Me Suspension (Part 5): Basic Suspension Damping

When having a conversation about motorcycle suspension, it is as the conversation moves to damping that the idea of suspension tuning being a dark art tends to creep in. The main reason for this is because when an adjuster is turned, little happens, and the only way to determine what has happened is to get out […]

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When Are You ‘Ready’ to Go Racing? …And Why it’s Closer Than You Think

As you get more and more experience under your belt doing track days and you find your pace coming on nicely, it isn’t uncommon to start thinking about dipping a toe into racing. I’ve spoken in the past about the apprehension that people face when considering a move up to a faster group, but I’d […]

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Teach Me Suspension (Part 4): Setting Sag

In the last part we discovered that we can use preload to change the characteristics of our suspension as well as change how much of the suspension’s range is used. The goal behind this is to ensure that we are using as much of the range as possible, but not too much so that we […]

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Should You Time Yourself on a Track Day?

A discussion on the much talked about practice of track day timing This is a topic that is well debated, sometimes heatedly, on discussion boards across the internet. It’s understandable really, it is a somewhat controversial subject because the issue of safety is often thrown into the mix, therefore it’s no surprise that the feelings are […]

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Teach Me Suspension (Part 3): Everything Preload

In this part we are specifically going to be talking about preload, what it does, and why we would adjust it. After we have covered all of that, in part 4 we will be going more into using preload to set rider sag. But first, a quick recap… A Quick Recap on Springs If you […]

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How to Correct Leg Fatigue and Achy Knees

Body position tweaks, and why you shouldn’t try to ride like Marc Marquez As we discovered in an article I posted not too long before this one, fatiguing hands and arms are quite common problems that occur for many riders of the track. As I also mentioned in that article, another common problem that causes […]

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Teach Me Suspension (Part 2): Simple Geometry Changes

As I said in the first part of this series, the words ‘geometry changes’ often strike fear into the hearts of many riders thinking about making changes to their setups. In part 2 we are going to be talking about the most basic types of geometry changes that we can employ in order to change […]

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