Why You Should Do Bike Track Days


Other than the pure thrill and caveman (or cavewoman) like pleasure we get from track days, there are some other reasons why you should get involved. Here are some more reasons to convince you why you should get involved if you’re a novice to track days.

Unleash the potential – The British roads are becoming more and more unfriendly for bikers, with the road surfaces slowly deteriorating and speed cameras restricting any sort of ‘spirited’ ride out, and if a nasty pot hole or Gatso doesn’t slow your progress, the colourful diesel spill or the plank on their mobile phone just might.

This doesn’t mean to say road riding is dead, but it does mean it is increasingly difficult to enjoy your motorcycle for what it was designed to do.

On a track day however there are none of these issues to contend with. No debris on the road, no oil, no oncoming cars, no speed restrictions. Just you, your bike and a lovely wide, clean, ribbon of open tarmac. I don’t know about you, but that’s my idea of motorcycling heaven.

Increase riding confidence – The fact that you are given the opportunity to open up your bike and have a go at some faster cornering speeds means over time (even over the course of one day) you’ll become more accustomed to those higher speeds.

This translates straight back onto the road. Not to go and take on the next Porsche you see, but if you ever find yourself unexpectedly going into a corner too hot, you’ll have more confidence in the fact your bike will make it around the bend if you just peel in and go for it.

Stay out of prison – With today’s sports bikes being able to break the national speed limit in first gear alone, if you don’t have the necessary restraint to keep that right wrist playing nicely you could find yourself paying a hefty fine, and not just in cash. Come and play on track and feel free to go as fast as you like (within your limits of course).

Get in with the community – Motorcycle track days have such an amazing community which is a pleasure to be a part of. I’ve seen some amazing acts of kindness on track days when someone has been in dire straits. Everyone is there for the same reason – to partake in an activity we all love – so 99% of the people you talk to will be nothing but friendly and helpful.

Ride some of the most famous circuits in the world – The UK is fortunate to have some of the most well known race tracks in the world, but also the most demanding. Some of the tighter, more twisty tracks can be quite challenging, but also hugely rewarding.

It’s also a great joy to know I’m sharing the track where some of the all time greats have once raced and laid down rubber. Tracks like Donington where Rossi and Stoner themselves have once been can be enjoyed just as they have – albeit much, much slower.

So you see there’s plenty of other reasons why you should get involved with bike track days, not just for the excitement and adrenaline it delivers (although that should be good enough reason alone). Get involved and I hope to see you out on a track some time soon. Saddle up!

Photo by Savagecat