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In this section you’ll find general track day advice and guides, from the different things that come from owning and maintaining a motorcycle ridden on the track, to advice on track day insurance and things like buying your first track bike. Here you’ll find a wide variety of articles and guides that cover a lot of the different areas of bike track days that that aren’t covered in the other sections.

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Practising Riding Techniques Away From the Track

A look at the skills we can work to improve away from track to benefit us when we get back out. Right from the start I want to be clear that what I talk about here isn’t the different ways you can practise techniques to try and ride faster on the roads. The safety margins on the road are […]

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Teach Me Suspension (Part 11): Upgrading Stock Components

There may well come a time when you begin to reach the limit of your suspension’s potential. There was probably a few “yeah right” thoughts when I said that, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that your pace is too hot for your suspension (though this could well be the case if you’re going well) but […]

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Teach Me Suspension (Part 10): Finding Your Setup

We’re quite far along in this suspension series now, but I have to say up to this point things have been pretty simple. “SIMPLE???” I hear you say? What I mean is that each aspect of the suspension and geometry of a motorcycle has been tackled separately and we have learned about what they physically […]

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What is REAL Motorcycle Chatter?

A look at the common phenomenon found in the highest levels of motorcycle racing Much like the term ‘arm pump’ is thrown around various track day paddocks to explain a little achiness or fatigue in the forearms, chatter is also a term that is used in a variety of different circumstances. When people refer to chatter, […]

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Teach Me Suspension (Part 9): Rear End Squat

If there’s one thing that seems to be repeated year on year with the development of production motorcycles, it’s that they increasingly get more and more powerful. Ultimately, these increases put more strain on the rear suspension through the application of power, which transfers weight to the rear. This means that squat and anti-squat are becoming […]

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Weighting the Pegs and Body Steering on a Motorcycle

Do you need to worry about them? Rightly or wrongly, weighting the pegs and body steering are techniques that are still prominent in today’s track riding culture. From “my mate said”, to high end coaches, these are techniques that are taught as solutions to improve the way we handle a motorcycle at speed. It’s a subject that […]

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Teach Me Suspension (Part 8): How to Make Compression Damping Adjustments

While making changes to, and the testing of, rebound adjustment can be done in the warmth of your garage, doing this for compression damping is a little more difficult. You can try similar techniques (some do), but for a novice the changes you’re likely to make and how this make the bike feel are too […]

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Teach Me Suspension (Part 7): How to Make Rebound Damping Adjustments

The last couple of parts should have given you a good understanding of what the dampers do in your motorcycle’s suspension. Keeping the conversation on damping, now we are going to move onto how we make the correct changes for ourselves. In this part we’re just going to tackle changes to rebound damping. Rebound changes […]

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The Effects of Motorcycle Gearing Changes

A discussion on motorcycle gearing, what it means, and the end result it makes to your machine One very common modification that riders tend to make to their machines is to change the gearing. Most commonly, riders will do this in an attempt to make their bikes accelerate quicker as stock road gearing tends to […]

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Why You May Be Weaker Riding Left or Right, and How to Fix it

If you are one of those riders who feel they struggle somewhat more cornering in one direction compared to the other, you may be pleased to know that you are still perfectly normal. Well, from a riding perspective, anyway. Being stronger going in one direction compared to the other is incredibly common, and in my […]

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