Race Fairings for Track Days: The Best Options

Below I have listed the favourite places and companies to go to for motorcycle fairings. The five options below have been formed after listening to what the track day and race communities are saying on the subject and noting where they go to for their bodywork.

If you’re looking for race bodywork I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to your liking with one of the options below.


As we’ve come to expect from ebay, it’s a great place to pick up items for a good price if you’re willing to look around at what people have to offer. Just be wary though that the cheaper stuff as far as fairings go aren’t going to be as high quality as some of the established companies below that make race fairings. If however you aren’t too worried about the chance of a small imperfection or two, and you’re happy that there could potentially be some bodging to be done to get it to fit (a lot of people get on fine with them), ebay is a great place to pick up race bodywork at a tasty price.


Also known as SDC Performance, BB plastics are a well know manufacturer of motorcycle race bodywork and they actually supply a lot of BSB, MRO and club race teams around the country. They churn out a lot of fairings, so are busy a lot of the time meaning you might have to wait a little while, but they also come out as one of the cheapest companies to buy motorcycle fairings from, so if you’re willing to (possibly) wait for them they’re a great option.


This company has only really had a presence in the UK for the last few years, but even in that short time they have made an impact on the racing scene and now supply many teams in BSB as well as the Isle of Man TT Championship. They will cost you a bit more than the above, but I’ve not heard anyone say anything bad about their kits, with almost everyone claiming they are very well made, light and easy to fit.


Another company that has a reputation for making very good quality fairings that fit well. Don’t be fooled by the name though, the do sell the usual fibre glass bodywork you see on most bikes these days. As with CRC, you will pay a bit more for their products, but going by what the community is saying they are generally spot on and fit very well.


The last of the names you often see popping up on the track day and race scene is ProFibre. They too deal with teams in the British championship, mainly supersport and superstock, so you can be sure they know how to churn out good quality race fairings, and with the reports I’ve seen on the forums I’m inclined to believe it.