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There are a wide array of motorcycle accessories and parts we can now get for our bikes, some you may know a bit about, others maybe nothing at all. This page contains help and advice pages on various motorcycle accessories and parts that should help take away some of the guess work when looking into new motorcycle accessories by answering frequently asked questions and giving you a few tips.

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Benefits of Stompgrip Tank Pads

For a large majority of us that ride on the track, we are looking to get any little gain we can in our attempts to go faster. Whether that be a little more straight line speed with engine or gearing changes, getting more comfortable on the bike with rearsets, or taming some unwanted front end […]

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Top 4 Paddock Stands for Track Bikes

Oxford Paddock Stand

For the majority of people reading this, their bikes won’t be blessed with a centre stand. This is due to the fact that in the race for better and better performance, manufacturers are looking to save weight wherever they can. It’s the same reason why you have a battery that whimpers at the thought of […]

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Top 5 Exotic Bolt-On Performance Upgrades For the Track

Master Cylinder

I have already spoken about some relatively inexpensive ways in which you can upgrade your machine to better deal with life on the track. I would regard the upgrades in that article to be some of the first things you look to change on your bike as you get more into your track days. In […]

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Continental Conti Race Attack Comp Test and Review

Conti Race Attack Comp

Published May 2013 For a long time it has been Metzeler and Pirelli that have ruled the ‘barely road legal’ track tyre roost with the Racetec and Diablo Supercorsa respectively, the two nearly identical tyres offering arguably the best outright performance for road legal track rubber. Following close behind we have Michelin’s Power Ones, and […]

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Top 4 Motorcycle Waterproofs

Alpinestars Motocross Enduro

Here in Britain we are blessed with an unpredictable weather system that on the odd occasion ends up being on the damp side……basically, it rains quite a lot here. This means that no matter how much we pray to Zeus in the lead up to a track day, there is always a chance that we […]

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Top 3 Motorcycle Tyre Warmers

Motorcycle Tyre Warmers

As you get more into track days and your pace starts to increase you will no doubt think about investing in various items to make your experiences on track easier and/or more enjoyable. One of the most popular first investments for track riders is motorcycle tyre warmers. Tyre warmers do exactly what they say on […]

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Top 3 Motorcycle Gear Indicators

Motorcycle Gear Indicator

When I was in my early track day life, one of the (many) issues I had out on track was that I found it difficult to keep track of what gear I was in as I was riding round. At some circuits that required a large number of changes I would sometimes find myself using […]

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Twist of the Wrist 2 DVD Review

A Twist of the Wrist II

For more than 30 years Keith Code and his coaches have been working to develop a system of training that removes the mystery of riding a motorcycle quickly. From his findings he started the riding school, California Superbike School. The school breaks down the various aspects of riding and gives you drills to perform to […]

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Top 3 Road and Track Tyres

Bridgestone S20

The Best Split Personality Tyres To see the most up to date road and track tyre recommendations, click here. For those track day riders that still ride their machines on the road, going out and buying the super sticky treaded tyres isn’t necessarily the best option. Yes they are going to give you superb levels […]

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Cheap Lap Timer Setups: Detailed GPS Lap Timing for Less

You’ll be happy to know that aside from spending hundreds of pounds on a fantabulous all-in-one GPS lap timer from one of the big names like Starlane or Aim Sports, there is a cheaper and more affordable solution to lap timing that will see you getting a wealth of information about your laps – including […]

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