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Here you’ll find a selection of motorcycle riding tips that I have put together from my own personal experience, study and training I’ve had that I hope will help you start to take steps in the right direction to improve your riding skills. While I would never call these articles definitive guides, there is a lot of good information here that I am sure will help you understand a little more of what we can and should be doing as riders when looking at the different aspects of riding a motorcycle on the track.

A common goal among the vast majority of track day riders is to improve their riding in some way, and by taking the time to study and read up on the different aspects of motorcycle riding you will only serve to help yourself get closer to your goal.

Check out the latest articles below…

How to Get Back to Full Gas Earlier

“It’s not who gets back to the gas first. It’s who gets back to FULL gas first” In this article we’re going to continue on the recent theme of throttle application at corner exits. We’ve covered what an apex means to you and how hitting it benefits your exit, where the most important exits are, […]

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Learning to Manage Traction to Maxmise Exit Drive

The title of this article may have you feeling like it’s something that sits well outside your own ability. When you think of ‘maximising exit drive’ you more than likely immediately conjure up the image of a rider squeezing every last drop of grip from the rear tyre, squirming all the way until the bike […]

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How to Consistently Hit an Apex …and What They Mean to You

I would put money on the fact that a lot of riders (especially those that have taken any time to learn correct track craft) will be able to point out roughly where they want to be in the middle of any given corner. However, while they may easily be able to point out an apex […]

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Dealing With Mid Corner Line Corrections, and How to Stop Them

A look at different scenarios when they’re expected, when they’re not, and what you can do to fix it When it comes to the ‘ideal’ scenario for our steering efforts for each turn, what we are looking to achieve is to make just one single steering input per turn. There are some exceptions in certain types of […]

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Why Later Braking Isn’t the ‘Higher Corner Speed’ Answer

A look at why many riders are looking in the wrong place for higher corner entry speeds If you have been looking through my content here for any appreciable amount of time, it’ll be pretty obvious to you that there are many facets to riding, each of which are going to bring you small increments […]

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Finding the Right Gear and Rev Range on Track

Among many of the challenges that riders face out there on the track, one that isn’t given an awful lot of thought is the task of finding the right gear and RPM range for a given corner, or series of corners. On the face of it, it sounds like something that is pretty easy to […]

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A Guide to Chicanes: Tips on Maximising Speed Throughout

One of the more difficult sections of track to tackle is the trusty chicane. Where a simple corner can be broken down into small chunks to deal with in a logical sequence, a chicane (particularly the tighter ones) will require a little more agility and concentration. In this guide I want to cover how we […]

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Camber: How Does it Affects Us?

It’s rare that you’ll find tracks that are completely flat, and even a track built on the flattest area of land will still feature some undulation, even if it is only slight. These elevation changes will offer up some shifts in characteristics for each corner in the way of chamber. But just what is chamber? […]

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The Traction Zone: A Visual Representation of Available Traction

As motorcycle riders we all know very well that there is a limit placed on the amount of available traction we have during riding. We also know that if you happen to stray past that limit then the consequences are often not so good, unless of course you have the necessary skills to deal with […]

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Road vs Race Shift for the Track: The Differences and Which to Use

To the uninitiated, I would expect the title of this article to have people wondering what on earth the following words are going to be talking about. I am, of course, talking about the different shift patterns that can be used (and applied to most bikes) out on the track. The first is the more […]

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