Your Step-by-Step Path to Becoming a Fast, Safe & Confident High-Level Rider

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David R. Banks

“By far the best value out there!”

I’ve attended countless motorcycle training courses over the last 14 years (CSS, YCRS, DRE, PRE, N2, SBTT, etc.). Dan’s knowledge coupled with his excellent explanations have done more to advance my riding on track than any other resource I’ve found! It’s also by far the best value out there!

United States

James Parker

“Best money I’ve ever spent”

You don’t know what you’ve done for me, to go from getting lapped to actually fighting in a battle with someone Dan, your Academy is the best money I’ve ever spent. For those of you that have any doubt, trust me, this program is amazing. If only we could get Dan to the US.

United States

Will Tooros

“Bar none the best I’ve seen”

Honestly I have gone through the CA superbike school, taken local training classes, watched every MotoVudu videos even subscribed to Simon’s academy, but the way you break things down so neatly and illustrate the point you want to get across is bar none the best I’ve seen and have been telling EVERYONE about your Academy. Thanks to the confidence your Academy has given me I am now riding in the A group and actually pass people 🙂

United States

Barrett J Knudsen

“By far the best online training tool I’ve found”

Track Academy is by far the best online training tool I’ve found. Far better than anything put out by much larger organizations…which tend to be lengthy, full of lots of accolades for colleagues and sponsors, and far too cumbersome to finally get at the substance. In contrast, Track Academy is snippets of perfectly useful information, in short, easy-to-understand, and, most importantly, apply on the track.

United States

Glenn Clifford

“It’s a truly brilliant product”

I’m breaking down each corner and coming along really well. I’m picking the bike up well and hitting my exit markers and getting good drive. Keep up the good work Dan. It’s a truly brilliant product.

United Kingdom

Claudio Lassala

“One the most significant resources I’ve used”

The Track Academy is outstanding! The content quality was the best I found when I started my track life, and I often go back to it for a refresher. As a rider with limited time and budget to get coaching, the Track Academy was one the most significant resources I’ve used for my self-coaching, and I cannot recommend it enough.

United States

Matt George

“Getting on the podium somewhat consistently”

With only 6 months street riding experience I decided I wanted to learn everything about getting a motorcycle fast around the track, and then race competitively. Life at Lean was instrumental in teaching me the fundamentals, which to this day I am still referring back to in order to perfect my skills and technique. Now four years later with about 30 track days and 10 race weekends under my belt I am getting on the podium somewhat consistently. Thanks for all you’ve helped me with Dan!

United States

Rastko Jokic

“I’ve had a big jump in my riding”

I feel like I’ve had a big jump in my riding. I’ve started using more of the bikes potential, and this is the essence of the track joy for me. That realisation that you are pushing yours’ and the bike’s limits. It gives an amazing sense of fulfilment.


Tom Robson

I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to make the next step…

The Track Academy is an extremely well constructed, thought out and easy to understand Track riding resource. It will help those not only looking to improve their track riding, but also for those who want to become better road riders as well.

Whether you’re a novice who’s doing their first track day or a seasoned fast group rider/amateur racer, there is something in the academy for everyone to learn from. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to make the next step towards improving lap times and overall riding ability!


Ian Ashworth

“Given me a clear framework to develop my track riding”

Life at Lean has given me a clear framework to develop my track riding skills. Being a slightly more vintage rider and coming from 30 years plus of road riding I found the way of riding on track very different and somewhat overwhelming to start with. I now have clear objectives each time I go out on track and my confidence, safety and speed are increasing accordingly. Thanks Dan!

United Kingdom

Paul Ninnis

“The most helpful tutoring I’ve had”

I’ve found Track Academy and Dan’s video tutorials the most helpful tutoring I’ve had to help my development from motorcycle novice to regular track goer! Couldn’t recommend enough, is well worth getting into.

United Kingdon

Blair Johnston

“Helped an incredible amount”

After applying the lessons and feedback, within around 12-18 months we progressed to running well in the Advanced Group. The progress and confidence in my ability to ride well and safe, be comfortable pushing the bike and finding my limits, the academy has helped an incredible amount.


Kohl Burmester

“This was a great find”

Early in to doing track days and searching high and low for any info to help me progress I found the Track Academy. This was a great find and was presented in an easily understandable way that was very valuable to my track riding progression. Still riding still using things I learned here.

United States

James Bourne

“Your Academy is the best and I love it!”

I would like to say your Academy is the best and I love it! Your knowledge has gotten me going from complete newcomer to track days to improving my riding safely and with confidence. Since starting track days about 6 months ago I’ve nailed about 10 days on four different tracks in NZ and have a grin on my face that will not go away! Keep up the good work with the Academy I cannot fault it.

New Zealand

Tom Warger

“Where do I start!”

Ooh mannn, where do I start! The video’s and other materials helped me really focusing on small steps to improve and you perfectly describes the reasons why, how etc! It made me much more aware of what, when and why I’m doing things and what to look for, in order to ride faster and safer!


Francesco Castagnoli

“I found everything I needed to know”

Due to my character and my educational background/experience, I consider the study of Theory essential to fully understand any new activity and sport that you want to start practicing with safety and pleasure. In Track Academy I found everything I needed to know and learn how to have fun safely with my super sport bike on our wonderful Italian circuits.


Thor Kelly

“I’m delighted with my progress”

I can say with absolute confidence that without the knowledge gained from the Academy I could have spent many more evenings picking gravel out of my bikes. It’s made me a safer, better and more confident rider and I’m delighted with my progress as a result of joining.



“A very structured approach”

A very structured approach that gives you everything you need to improve your track riding skill, with videos, explanations and cheat sheets.


Mathew Katakis

“Take your track riding (and road riding) to another level”

The Track academy is a comprehensive track rider program with plenty of visuals, videos, notes and stages to help you take your track riding (and road riding) to another level. I love what he has done with this program.



“Perfect for my level”

The details provided in the course are perfect for my level – introductory and casual track day. The course content around body position, stance, turn initiation and site targets have been the most beneficial and have solved most of what entry track riders struggle with. Course content has met all of my needs; I like that I can go back to earlier lessons to review and solidify the information. Great value.


Josef Nalci

“I think this is the best”

I think this is the best audio video for teaching a novice rider like me, learning so much and money well spent.


Ben Bontjer

“Easy to understand”

Logically explains several issues. Easy to understand.


Andrew M. Allison

“Clear and concise”

Well put together, in easy to digest modules. Clear and concise.

United States


So many riders find very little difficultly in spending hundreds, or even thousands on the latest motorcycles and accessories in search for speed, with little consideration for the difference the rider on top of that bike has the potential to make.

Purely throwing money and time on the track in search for speed may well get you more speed and a faster lap time, but if the rider sitting on that bike is fundamentally flawed then you're simply edging your way closer to a faster crash.

Do you fear crashing? If you do, then investing in yourself is the most worthwhile investment you'll ever make as a track rider. Not just because it means you will achieve more substantial and consistent progress that way, but because it also means you can make that progress with less risk and more confidence because you understand exactly what's going on and what you should be doing.


The Track Academy is not just another learning resource where a bunch of lessons are thrown at you and then we just hope you figure it all out. A key part of the Academy is not only teaching fundamental riding skills, but giving riders direction to put those skills into action so that they can finally see results from their efforts.

We break up Milestones and Actions Steps for each stage so that you can work on the skills that matter, allowing you to safely climb the track riding ranks while seeing substantial and consistent progress as you do. It's the clear path to that high level riding, taking you from complete beginner to a confident and comfortable rider in the top group.

“Bar none the best I’ve seen”

Honestly I have gone through the CA superbike school, taken local training classes, watched every MotoVudu videos even subscribed to Simon’s academy, but the way you break things down so neatly and illustrate the point you want to get across is bar none the best I’ve seen and have been telling EVERYONE about your Academy. Thanks to the confidence your Academy has given me I am now riding in the A group and actually pass people 🙂

Will Tooros

United States

The Training Library

The Road to High-Level Riding is your map, and the training library is what's going to give you the knowledge and understanding that will allow you to hit the necessary Milestones to keep progressing as a rider.


(5 Modules & 20 Video Training Lessons)

In Bike Control Fundamentals we extensively cover every part of track riding in relation to changing the speed and direction of your bike.

Not only things like braking, steering, throttle control and gear shifting, but also the various ways in which we use them to create the best scenario for the bike and to create the ideal line for the corner in question.


(3 Modules & 11 Video Training Lessons)

All top level riders will have their vision in check, and in this course we dive into one of the KEY aspects to becoming a fast, calm and consistent rider. 

We cover what markers are and the best ones to use, and then we go over how to correctly use your eyes to join then all up through a given corner and over a whole lap through video demonstration and commentary that show you exactly how you can get your vision working for you.


(3 Modules & 11 Video Training Lessons)

Poor body position can hamper your progress by making you feel uncomfortable and preventing you from operating the bike how you should.

BPF provides you with the FULL process of body position and movement. Not just how to look good in photos, but how we actually correctly create that position and work our way into and out of it through the various corners you ride. By the end of this course you'll have a good understanding of exactly what we're looking to do, and when, over a whole lap.


(2 Modules & 9 Video Training Lessons)

Fears and barriers are things that every single rider will face to some degree. Whether that's fear of taking more speed into corners, leaning the bike, using the power, or even things like overtaking.

In this course we go over many of the most common barriers that riders face on their quest to improve, along with some steps and practical application you can carry out to tackle each of them.


(9 Video Training Lessons)

In this course we cover many of the ways in which you can become a better coach to yourself. In it we discuss things like how to better uncover your weaker areas, how to create plans for improvement, how to approach your day and things you can do after your day, among others.

Learning is just one part of all this. Next we have to get out and put it into practise, and together with the Road Map, this is exactly what this course will help you achieve.


(12 Video Training Lessons)

In Adapting to Corner Types you'll learn how to approach the various corners and section types you're likely to face out on track, as well as discover how your riding technique can change while still adhering to a fundamentally good standard.

This course will help with one of the big struggles learning riders face, which is learning how the "rules" of riding change depending on the cornering situation.


(Expert Audio Interview)

In this interview with Chris Garinet, we dive into what he sees as the 3 stages a rider should be looking to move through in order to get into "riding shape". When worked on in the right way, these 3 stages will take a rider from an unfit rider with no foundation, to a strong and capable one that can achieve greater all-round performance from a fitness point of view.


(Video Training Lesson)

In this video we cover a checklist of the vast majority of tasks you’ll need to think about over a season when it comes to keeping your bike in good working order. Rather than talking about very specific How Tos, this guide is here to show the kinds of jobs you’ll be completing over a whole season to give you the peace of mind that everything is accounted for.


(Expert Audio Interview)

In this interview with Craig we dive into how we can start to not only perform better as riders, but also how we can feel better about our performance by changing how we approach and think about our riding efforts. On top of that we take a small peek behind the curtain on what some of the top riders in the world are working on to stay focused and on top of their game.



£99.00  FREE

The structure of the lessons lend themselves perfectly to audio listening.

To help learn on the go when video viewing isn't possible, you'll find audio versions of most lessons (around 80%) when the video footage isn't as critical.


£49.00  FREE

With each lesson you'll find Key Point PDFs that act as quick reference sheets for the key takeaways from each lesson. These are perfect to have to one side to act as a reminder for the biggest points covered in each lesson.



Learn, share and grow together with a group of like-minded riders

Just as important as the above, you have access to a  tight nit community of riders who all have the same goal - to reach the top of the track day ranks and become a confident and competent rider in the process.

With a core group of riders with the same mentality all working towards the same goal, it creates an environment where you can learn together, not just from the teacher but from each other too.

Being able to share your latest knee down shot is just an added perk...

A group filled with riders like this is just as important to me as my ability to help the riders inside the group.

“I had dropped 10 seconds off my lap times”

Dan is able to translate techniques into simple actions, he understands the frustrations and plateaus we all go through trying to be better riders. We talked about how to measure progress and how to continue to work toward improving. By mid day of the following track day, I had dropped 10 seconds off my lap times. It was incredible. I appreciate all he’s done to help me become a better rider and recommend him to anyone who wants to be a better, faster rider.

Greg McKenna

United States


Investing in yourself is what is really going to mean you improve as a rider and reach a high-level of speed and competence. What's the price on that?

Well, for the cost of a single rear tyre you're getting a complete knowledge base and road map to become an extremely competent and confident rider, as well as access to a community of likeminded riders who understand the proper way to progress.




Lifetime Access to Academy & Community

  • Road to High-Level Riding framework
  • Comprehensive Video Training Library
  • 'Track Application' worksheets
  • Audio versions & 'Key Point' PDF downloads
  • Private supportive community of riders

1x Payment of



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Lifetime Access to Academy & Community

  • Road to High-Level Riding framework
  • Comprehensive Video Training Library
  • 'Track Application' worksheets
  • Audio versions & 'Key Point' PDF downloads
  • Private supportive community of riders

6x Payments of



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My intention with this training is to help show you where to focus your efforts so that you can begin to see bigger results quicker on your quest to climb the track day ranks.

However, I fully appreciate that just saying that isn't enough to remove any fears that you might not get the result you were hoping for through the training or membership.

For that reason I'm offering a 30 day 100% money back guarantee, so if you don't think the training/group is right for you, you can simply jump out within 30 days and it won't have cost you a penny.


If you're anything like I was in the earlier part of my track life, you probably look at riders out there turning a pace much higher than your own.

You see them rolling great speeds into the corner as they lay the bike on it's side, jamming that knee into the deck without a moments hesitation.

And you probably stand there thinking that they are so far along the journey than you are and you can't see just how you're going to make it to that level of confidence. Or maybe even half that level.

But I've got good news. Success is just a matter of intelligently trying and not giving up.

You can absolutely make it to that level, and the steps you need to take to get there aren't that complicated. With the right knowledge, game plan and enough time in the saddle, getting there is actually very likely.

We're not talking about getting to national race pace here (not yet, anyway), we're talking about being one of the fastest on any given track day.

That may feel like a world away to many of you, but I'm here to tell you it isn't. Not really.

All it's going to take is learning what to work on and how to work on it, and then having the confidence to put it into practise and push past your previous limits.

That is exactly why I have put these resources together. To help you do that.

If you jump in, learn, and put the recommended things in to practise, you'll see those continuous results and you'll push yourself ever closer to that level you once thought of as a long way out of reach.

Talk to you soon.

Dan Netting


Dan started his track journey back in 2009 as an eager novice rider looking to show the world just how good he was!

A couple of early crashes later and with confidence at rock bottom, Dan realised this track stuff wasn't as easy as he anticipated and decided to become a true student of the track and learn what it took to become a fast and safe rider.

By 2012 Dan had reached a very competent level of riding, but he had also built a solid understanding of what it took to get there and transitioned into helping others break through the exact same barriers he faced as he worked to improve.

Since that time Dan has helped thousands of riders all over the world break barriers and reach higher levels both through his online content and programmes, along with his select offline work too.